The complete Qlik® product family

Solve any business question. Explore data and discover the insights that answer your agile business needs. Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Qlik Sense®

Drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions.


Discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution.

Qlik Sense Cloud

Create and interact with Qlik Sense apps whenever the need arises. Invite others to do the same in a secure environment. Explore data deeply, reveal connections instantly and see opportunities.

Qlik Analytics Platform

Develop everything from simple mashups to complex integrated web applications with ease. A developer's dream come true.

Qlik NPrinting™

An advanced reporting and distribution solution.

Qlik DataMarket

Make smarter business decisions. The Qlik DataMarket helps you find, connect and manage data from external sources.